Inflation at the San Diego County Fair; Vendors and visitors feeling the impact

The cost of gas and groceries have gone up, and a trip to the county fair is no exception. Many vendors say they had to raise prices in order to make a profit.

The Fruit Caboose Concessions has also had to raise prices at the fair. They sell 48 items on their ice cream menu ranging from $8 to $16.

“We are trying our hardest, but with the price of employees going up and the challenge of not being able to find them, you have to pay competitively to get them here,” said Fruit Caboose Concession owner Ryann Newman.

She says the skyrocketing price of gasoline has increased her bottom line.

β€œIt is all trickle down you know with gas for me. I spend thousands of dollars to bring four trucks and trailers from Northern California to down here,” Newman said.

Newman says fair goers may think vendors are making a killing off the high food prices, but for every ten dollars she makes, she takes home two dollars.