Now Even Chicken Is Getting Too Expensive?

Chicken is a particularly popular meat for fast food and restaurants, with about half of poultry in the US cooked outside the home.

What do you get when three pandemics coincide with a drought? The most expensive chicken we’ve seen in years.

Prices for the world’s most consumed meat have been surging in recent months. Retail whole chickens in the US cost $1.79 per pound in April, the highest price in 15 years of records and about 19% more than their 10-year average.  …

In the US, servings of chicken wings are going for twice what they cost a few years ago, while the UK  supermarket chain Co-operative Group Ltd. has warned that the meat could soon become as expensive as beef. The shares of poultry producers such as Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. and Tyson Foods Inc. have been surging.