Assembly Bill 257 would establish new regulations for counter-service restaurants, creating a tax on working families’ dining choices by forcing menu price increases.

Food prices are already going up at levels Californians haven't seen in decades

Now is the WRONG time for legislators to increase costs on thousands of local counter-service restaurants still recovering from the pandemic and the WRONG time to raise prices on consumers already suffering from high gas costs, increased food prices and housing affordability.

Understanding AB 257

AB 257, a law proposed in the California Legislature, would establish new regulations for counter-service restaurants where customers pay first, then eat. It completely changes how and if many local restaurants can continue in business.

AB 257 creates a misleadingly named “Fast Food Sector Council” of 13 unelected political appointees to set wages, benefits and working conditions for all counter-service restaurants whose brands have more than 30 locations nationwide, even though most counter-service restaurants are individually owned and operated by community members.

The law will impact an enormous and diverse range of local restaurants including juice and smoothie bars, frozen yogurt shops, salad bars, bakeries, coffee shops, taquerias, sushi counters, delis, pizzerias, burger houses and more.

Impacted Restaurants

AB 257 isn’t just about “fast food” and burgers. It’s about coffee shops, ice cream and yogurt counters, and salad and sandwich shops.

She started the nation’s first transgender jobs program six years ago. Today, Michaela opposes #AB257 and warns it will make being a franchisee in California even more difficult. #womenowned #stopab257 #CALeg @SenatorUmberg @SenBobHertzberg @SenGonzalez_33

Romy Uppal is a franchisee who opposes #AB257. "Counter service restaurants run on very low-profit margins. ... They would be forced to make decisions such as increasing prices or offering fewer hours to employees." #caleg @SenatorUmberg @BobWieckowskiCA

As a franchisee, "Hiring, pay, leave and benefits – these decisions cross my desk every day. ... #AB257 would take these decisions out of my hands and instead empower an unelected and unaccountable council of political appointees to determine policies for my employees." #caleg

During COVID, Romy served meals to urgent care & to people who were down and out. “If they are hungry and have no food, knock on the door,” he said. “We will make something at no cost.”
Today, he's fighting for survival against #AB257. @BobWieckowskiCA

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